With distributors in 46+ countries operating profitable, successful, and thriving businesses, JLM Lubricants offers a superb opportunity for the right distributor. If you enjoy taking on new challenges, are ambitious and understand the importance of quality and innovation as drivers of lubricants and additives, we invite you to take a closer look at our brand.

Liquid tools in a bottle – demanded by top tier technicians

In the last decade we have built our name with the most critical and discerning customer of all, the professional technician. In every country JLM Lubricants’ products are used by top tier technicians for repair, prevention, and performance. These liquid tools in a bottle are an essential part of the workshop service offering. And with the growing global trend of using high-quality additives over parts, and the workshop ethos of repair over replace and products over parts, set against household budgets being affected – JLM products from all categories are now experiencing an all-time high demand.

What is at the heart of all JLM products?

Quality, reliability, and innovation are at the heart of the JLM brand. They drive product development and product improvement. You will find JLM on the road less travelled– where reputations are built on solid ground and businesses thrive because of a well-deserved reputation. Thousands of technicians worldwide trust our products to deliver to the Lean principles of Right First Time On Time Every Time.

Successful distributors increasing sales every year

This all adds up to our distributors increasing their sales year on year, supported by us on their journey. Motorists are keeping their cars for longer. They are looking to reduce costs. The professional technician remains important in vehicle servicing and repair. But with budgets being stretched the motorist must make wise choices, likewise the technician. JLM has grown significantly in the last 10 years because we fill the gap with high quality products that do exactly what they promise on the label. The professional technician can choose and recommend.

JLM products to their customers knowing they deliver, and they come from an established brand. For the motorist, using our products in between servicing and repairs keeps their vehicle performing with optimum fuel economy. More power at the pump, fewer maintenance problems.

Every product in the JLM range ticks a box and can be trusted to deliver on its promises.

Are you interested in finding out more?

How we support our distributors

Best of breed products aside, ask any one of our distributors what they really rate about JLM, and they will tell you it’s the marketing and sales support on offer to  each one of them. Ambitious distributors can really tap into the sales potential of their territory and build a profitable business by matching their efforts and commitment with ours.

The support we offer includes:

A full launch programme so you can hit the ground running. This is tailored to your market, your experience, and your contacts.

Dedicated press releases, e- shots and complete marketing campaigns – for new and existing products.

Superb social media coverage across all social channels.

A marketing mastermind group – where we deliver sales and marketing training in short, powerful bursts. Recent sessions: how to build sales from exhibitions and shows; how to harness the power of PR for your business: how to build contacts and sales using JLM Drive.

One to one VIP support including mentoring and campaign development.

A Topflight Team Too

The JLM marketing team have decades of experience in the automotive aftermarket. They work with our distributors to create award winning, targeted, and compelling campaigns, from direct mail to telephone marketing, social media, exhibitions, special shows, social media promotion, and PR.

On the technical side of the support, we work closely with experienced technicians to  create video content – from technical demonstrations to product applications; always available, always up to date.

What we will offer you as a new distributor (alongside the programme of support for existing distributors) will be discussed at an initial meeting.

Would you like to find out more?

What are we looking for?

  • You will have experience from working in the automotive sector.
  • You will hold JLM products in high regard. Every one of our distributors was a fan of our products before joining us.
  • You will understand the importance of dedicating resources to promoting the JLM range in your territory so that you can be proactive and ready from the very first contact.
  • You will be competitive, and results’ driven, setting targets and goals for growth.

If this sounds good to you let’s talk.

Fasten your seatbelt – this could be your  best journey yet.

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