A popular presentation at the recent JLM Distributor conference was the on-stage conversation with top technicians Barry Lawson,  Alan and Jeanette Landale and Keith Shanahan. Here are a few of their takeouts.

“We strive to deliver a fantastic service for our customers. This secures a lifetime customer and lifetime value. With JLM products and our knowledge of DPF repairs and servicing not to mention vehicle diagnostics,  I can offer customers a 100% fix. The technical specification of JLM Lubricants’ products plus the fact they have been evaluated by technicians in the workshop means we can talk about them with confidence to our customers.” Alan Landale (Winners: Garage of the Year and, Best Customer Service)

“The best quality  additives and the best quality service simply cannot be the cheapest. As part of the DPF Aftercare package we recommend our customers  put the JLM Regen Plus into their car every three months.  JLM products fall into the preventative maintenance category. Other suppliers of lubricants and additives do not provide the technical training that JLM is renowned for. You can be competitive using JLM products and also make an incredibly good profit for your workshop. Our sales are up on last year because our customers not only trust the products, but they also use them as recommended by us in between workshop visits.” Barry Lawson.

“It’s our brand on the line when we recommend products such as the JLM Lubricants’ range. Customers trust our judgement because we give good advice. I use JLM products on my car. I’ve seen the data and the before and after results which is good enough for me!” Keith Shanahan

“We have copies of JLM Drive in our foyer, and  a display of JLM products which makes it easier to talk to customers about their quality and the reputation of the JLM brand. I always explain to a customer how they should use the product in its correct format. We are confident in JLM products and sell no other brands. It is all about inspiring customer confidence and with JLM we can do this. Jeanette Landale

And their favourite JLM Lubricants’ products?

Alan Landale commented on the ‘amazing results’ on a smoking Vauxhall Corsa from using the Petrol Extreme Clean product and the GDI Cleaner on a customer’s  BMW. ‘It worked so well that he now returns every two months to buy a can rather than having to replace the injectors.’

Keith Shanahan spoke about the DPF Refill Fluid, describing it as excellent. ‘The data is always good because it shows the power of the active ingredients.’

Barry Lawson spoke about the air intake extreme clean toolkit pro as a preventative product and as part of general servicing. ‘You don’t have to babysit the process; you can get on with other jobs. Keep an eye on it and usually within 15 minutes it has done the job.’

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Top tier additives enhance your reputation and with JLM Lubricants’ products you can build an ongoing additional income stream when servicing and repairing a vehicle.

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