Antonis Goulas, Digiparts, JLM distributor for Greece

How long have you been selling JLM products?

Digiparts has been selling JLM products for 10 years now. In 2010, LPG business was growing rapidly in the Greek market so we started stocking a modest amount of LPG products such as the Valve Saver Kit and Valve Saver Fluid, but as time’s gone on and the brands have grown, so has the variety of JLM products we offer.

What made you decide to promote the JLM Lubricants’ brand and products?

Vehicle technology is advancing at a significant rate but with the same requirements for repair and maintenance products. JLM offer a fantastic range of these products that are reliable, easy to use and affordable – three qualities every mechanic knows the importance of!

What are your five bestselling JLM products and why?

1. Diesel Injector Cleaner
2. Diesel Extreme Clean
3. Diesel Rapid Fuel System Clean
4. DPF Regen Plus
5. DPF Cleaner

Diesel products are in high demand within Greece due to most vehicles, especially commercial vehicles, running on diesel. JLM products really do work and the feedback we receive every day from our mechanic customers is always positive. JLM products fit with our brand which is to support customers by offering the best.

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