UK could face a DPF failure epidemic, say industry experts

The number of DPF-related faults are expected to soar as a result of the government’s coronavirus lockdown.

With restrictions still in place across the UK, many diesel owners are only using their vehicle for short essential journeys which do not allow DPFs to regenerate.

Some motoring experts have predicted a “DPF failure epidemic” resulting in a significant rise in breakdowns and MOT failures.

Gunnar Peters, head of telematics at Admiral car insurance said: “While car journeys haven’t stopped completely, there are some drivers who have dramatically reduced their car usage and there will be many cars parked up and undriven for longer periods than normal.

“In these cases, it’s important to keep your car maintained and healthy so that when you do come to drive it again, it’s ready to go without any problems.

“With MOT exemptions now in place, it’s also vital that whether you’re driving your car or not, you are keeping it in good, working order and that it’s safe to drive.”Garages are allowed to remain open during the crisis for essential repairs but many motorists may not check for issues due to MOT exemptions in place.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has confirmed motorists must keep their car in a roadworthy condition if they plan to use their cars during the lockdown.

Police may issue fines of up to £2,500 for driving a car in a dangerous condition so drivers are encouraged to ensure their car is kept in a good condition during this period.

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