Gilbert Groot, the Founder and Managing Director of JLM Lubricants said: “Our Bortec Oil Additive is a boron-based ceramic chemical additive with numerous benefits for protecting metal parts. The long established benefits of boron in engine oil includes reducing friction, preventing corrosion due to moisture, stabilising thermal oxidation, reducing moisture sensitivity and preventing sludge formation”.

“And because there are no solid particles (such as ash) in the additive, it performs particularly well in areas of the engine subject to high temperatures, pressures and friction. As well as reducing friction, JLM Bortec Oil Additive has a powerful cleaning effect that prevents excessive wear.”

The JLM Bortec Oil Additive works well with traditional friction reducers contained in modern engine oil. The ceramic coating sticks to the parts when the engine is cold so there is always a lubricating film on them when the engine is started. The antioxidant in boron provides the engine oil with better protection against ageing which enables it to maintain optimal performance for a long time.

Thanks to the unique constituents of JLM Bortec Oil Additive it offers ultimate protection against wear and tear in moving parts such as pistons, piston rings, bearings and valves. Since JLM Bortec Oil Additive substantially reduces friction between moving parts, there is less internal resistance. The result is that wear and tear on the parts is significantly reduced and fuel consumption drops.  

“Even on older engines JLM Bortec Oil Additive offers measurable value,” says Groot. “Existing wear will slow down and the additive’s cleaning effect means that engine performance will improve again such that fuel consumption will stabilise or even decrease. The response from our global network of distributors to this product has been incredible with many advance orders ahead of its launch. It is my firm belief, borne out of the feedback from our panel of professional testers that within the next 12 months it will be a regular repeat purchase from motor mechanics and of course from the stockists supplying to the trade.”     

Item number J06050

Contents 250ml

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