Prevent and clean contamination with fuel additives

The JLM diesel additives Extreme CleanRapid Fuel System CleanInjector Cleaner and DPF Cleaner all clean the entire fuel system, including the fuel tank, pipes, theinlet system, the valves and dirty diesel injectors. Public authorities require fuel suppliers tomix a certain percentage of cleaner biodiesel with diesel at a service station. Mixing thebiodiesel with the standard diesel reduces the emission of hazardous exhaust gases.

Biodiesel attracts moisture
All fuels contain a certain amount of water. Diesel is less refined (filtered) than petrol, so itcontains more water. Biodiesel is hygroscopic, which means that this fuel attracts moisturefrom the surrounding area due to its chemical composition. Therefore, due to the combinationof having relatively more water in standard diesel and the hygroscopic properties of biodiesel,a lot of moisture is present.

Rapidly wearing parts
In many cases, the moisture causes problems with and in the water separators. As moisturedoes not have any lubricating properties, it also causes (rapidly) wearing injector needles,resulting in leaking injectors. Moisture also causes dirt to accumulate in the common railinjectors and on the injector needles.

High oil and fuel consumption
Another negative property of moisture is that it causes rapid and unwanted cooling in theengine, resulting in faster wear and tear of the engine’s moving parts. And this in turn leads tohigher fuel and oil consumption. Furthermore, moisture does not provide any (combustion) energy, causing the engine to perform less well than it should.

Everything has its limits
Because of the dirt, the specifications and tolerances of the essential parts of the enginechange. The engine management system has to constantly adjust the fuel injection.Everything has its limits and at some point the computer will no longer be able to control theinjection properly. In most cases the result is irregular running of the engine and more soot,causing the particulate filter to clog more rapidly.

Error codes and engine damage
Error codes are generated in the engine management system and warning lights are lit on thedashboard. The engine management system must also regenerate more often, causingdilution of the oil. This increases the chances of engine damage and expensive repairs.

Cleaning with JLM Diesel Extreme Clean
JLM Diesel Extreme Clean J02360 is a very powerful additive that quickly and effectivelycleans all the parts of the engine, restores the factory performance and delivers preventiveprotection. Furthermore, Diesel Extreme Clean effectively cleans the particulate filter (DPF).

Prevent issues with JLM Diesel Injector Cleaner
JLM Diesel Injector Cleaner J02320 is a preventative, prevents the growth of algae inthe fuel tank and displaces water. Add 250 millilitres of JLM Diesel Fuel System Cleaner Proevery 3,000 miles to a full tank of fuel via the filling opening. JLM Diesel Injector Cleaner J02320 cleans the entire fuel system, reduces soot depositsin the particulate filter, improves fuel consumption, reduces CO2 emissions, restores loss ofpower and protects the fuel system from corrosion.

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