Customers today can extend the reach and reputation of a business by using social media to talk about the service and products they really like and….those they really don’t. In seconds their post or review can be read, commented on and shared by thousands of people worldwide. Your business can be one of those making great headlines because your service is so good your customers want to tell the world about it. So be sure to ask your customers to review your service whenever they come into contact with your brand. Let them know the social platforms you use so they know where to go to add their positive voice to the others.

@JLMLubricants we love social media and we love online reviews too. The great thing about social media is that we can reach the whole world from our HQ in Amsterdam with just one social media message. And we can talk informally to our customers, our stockists our distributors; in fact any person interested in the automotive market space! We can listen too to pick up on trends, product reviews and lots of other useful stuff. So whilst I am at it, could I ask you to connect with us socially?

You can tag us @JLMLubricants. We love to see what you’re up to in your working day and we can share some of your messages. It’s easy to overlook tagging but it notifies a person or company that you’re talking about them or you’re including them in a conversation you want them to join in with. Suddenly your message is being shared by a much bigger audience.

And don’t forget to use Hashtags. They will increase the reach of your message, especially if you’re using popular Hashtags relevant to the automotive aftermarket. The most common Hashtags we use are #JLM #lubricants #additives. Feel free to use different Hashtags and combinations. Recent trends suggest you shouldn’t have more than 3-5 Hashtags if you’re aiming for a positive impact. More than this and you’re not sharing a message, you’re irritating people with nothing more than a bunch of….Hashtags.

And coming back to those online reviews…we love these too! So if you like our products would you consider reviewing them? We have some fantastic reviews on Google, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. There’s always room for yours! Reviews help us build trust with potential buyers of our products and, influencers such as bloggers and journalists who are then encouraged to write about us too. Reviews also help with the online ranking of our products -mainly those on Google and Amazon. So let’s get social!

I’ll see you online! @jlmlubricantsbv

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